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Monday, September 26, 2011

All Is Fair In Love and ....

I'm writing this blog using the trial and error method. It's the same way that I have lived my life. I am lucky in the sense that blogger charts everything that I do in order for me to see what actually works, and yes my friends, what usually bombs. I have read all the tips for new bloggers, how to be successful, do this, don't do that. Every new article that I read is a contradiction of the last. As usual, things that work for one....not so much for the next. Hmmm.... very  reminiscent of life.

Here is what I have figured out! If I am not writing and posting...no one is reading....the same is true for my life, If I am not talking and making a lot of noise, no one pays attention to me! So, I will continue to worry the hell out of y'all!

What really seems to work is teasers, now either y'all are perverts, or you guys know me well, and know that you can never tell what I am going to say next! Either way...I love it! Perverts are very interesting folks...as long as they don't get in my personal space, I really don't mind. Now when I say perverts don't bother me...I am not talking about criminal pervents, so those of you that just got their panties in a wad...breathe and relax! Same thing applies in life...Gals that tease get the most attention.

Post about my daily screw-ups seem to work better than informative ones. Just as I thought...when I try to get people to learn from my mistakes...doesn't work. When I tell them the crazy shit that happens to me almost daily, they laugh their asses off! It's okay, I am clumsy and it's funny, you just can't make this shit up! Nothing is better than real life.

And last but not least....same as in life, I work better after a beer Twisted Tea. Some of you might think that you now know why I am clumsy or even why this stuff always happens to me. NOT TRUE! It happens anyway...regardless of whether I have had a couple sips here and a few sips there. Now before any of you stage an intervention...I am not a drunk! I don't have to drink, and most of the time I don't. I just seem to find when things are falling apart or I am falling down....It's funnier after a little nip!

I do wonder just how much to share, and wonder who is going to be offended by what? What interests one person, probably bores the next. So, I have decided that all is fair is love and blogging. I am just gonna do what I do and see what happens! My only wish is to have a statistic chart for life!



  1. Daily screw-ups are always good... they make those of us who have quite a few feel that we're not alone! :)

  2. Thanks Patti...you guys make me smile :)


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