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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Bird Dead Part Two

Okay, I am going to quickly finish up this story in addition to telling you the moral of the story.

Finally got the stripper ordered for the next evening, cleaned the oven...btw...oven cleaners have greatly improved since my last need to use them...anyway, was looking for my car keys in hope of avoiding the next inevitable question. You guessed it, I wasn't quite quick enough and before I could get one foot out of the door, Justin said "Momma, do you think that you could come back tomorrow and help me clean for the party?" I was thinking sure Justin, I would love to, can't think of any better way to spend my Saturday. However I left it at a simple yes son I will HELP. Thinking that I was seriously going to put my foot down and insist that he do it with my supervision.

I awoke at around 8 am, had my coffee, breakfast, watch some news. Finally around 9;30 or so I send him a text to find out if he is awake. Surprisingly he was, however he was not out of bed. I told him that I was gonna change clothes and be on my way. I packed up some cleaning supplies and hit the road, stopping along the way to pick up some carpet cleaner. I got there around 10 or so and he was outside smoking.

I went in and started surveying the surrounding to try to decide what was the highest priority. Went outside to discuss my plan with him. Okay I think we are on the same page at this point when he tells me that he knows it sounds crazy but he needs a shower....fine, whatever just get it done. He goes up stairs and I start in the kitchen. He comes down, tells me he has to go to the bank and to the store for party supplies. An two hours later he is back, I was on my hands and knees scrubbing violently at this carpet, partically because it is nasty but mostly because I am PISSED!

After I completed that, I go into the garage where he is trying to clean it up, The pool table is in there, plus that is where he put the keg when he came back from the store. He is just working himself to death out there and getting nowhere fast. I decide that although I had cleaned the inside of house by myself, I was going to help him. Yeah... I know! So I was picking up, vacuuming, not really busting it or anything. Just mostly staying busy because once I sit, he is pretty much done. So we get to the water heater and there is a very nice tarp folded near the water heater stand and Justin starts to pull it out and notices that there is a dead bird. Not sure how it had happened but the bird had been there for a few days and was decomposing and bird stuff was leaking onto this tarp. I wanted to throw it out but he was objecting so I told him to put it out in the yard and that I would spray it off with the hose. My youngest child and only daughter comes out around that time and ask us what was wrong with this tarp. My reponse was that it has bird dead on it. Ok they found this hilarious and even though I hadn't mean for it to be funny, I kinda chuckled about it. Kaitlin insisted I explain what bird dead was. Okay...here we go....It is what leaked out of the bird onto the tarp, It was not the bird body that was still hanging half on and half off of the water heater stand. Totally gross!

Now to the moral of this story. Never think you can go help your grown son clean his house. Go prepared to do it alone. If he was going to clean it at all, it would have never gotten that way in the first place :)

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