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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Bird Dead

My oldest son Justin stopped by after a long, hard day at work. Actually he hadn't even finished and had brought his laptop with him. I sat on the deck and watched him work and listened to him answer the phone calls that continually interrupted his typing. Finally after a couple of hours, he finishes up, closes up his laptop and we start talking about how hard he working, the fact that he is extremely tired after his latest doctor visit, in which he was prescribed blood pressure medication. He was telling me that a couple days before he went home, put a pizza in the oven, and proceeded to fall asleep on the couch. Two hours later he woke to the oven timer beeping persistently and a house full of smoke. He opened the windows and threw the burnt to a charcoal briquette pizza out the backdoor. Put another pizza in only to see flames shortly thereafter....sigh! Needless to say...I was totally freaked out by this. He asked if I would mind coming to his house to help him clean his oven. Of course I went over there right away, fearing he would just continue to try his luck with the oven as it was.

After spraying the self-cleaning oven....because I couldn't turn it on to clean as it was, we sat out back and had a beer. The conversation led to the fact that this coming weekend he and his brother were co-bestman at their friend's wedding.They needed to plan a bachelor party for the next night! What? The house was a neat but dirty,the carper atrocious, the baseboards disgusting. They wanted a stripper, a keg, some cigars, maybe play some poker, shot some pool, ya know the basic guy stuff. All with one day to plan!!! Lol....a stripper with one day notice??? Justin said "mom, I mean, where do you get a stripper?" So... we broke out the laptop and I found him a stripper! Stay tuned for the rest of the story :) Eventually I will get around to explaining the title of this story!

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