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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Creating a Successful Cleaning Service Business

It is possible to start with very little investment and grow your service business at an incredible speed. I started with a mop, bucket, broom, vacuum, and a sad old truck....and yes my children, and even my mother! I am gonna give you the tips to that I used to get started.

Come up with a catchy name for your buisness

Get a business license

Get insurance

Advertise...the best way to accomplish that these days is through Craigslist, Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites. I also purchased magnetic signs for the doors of my truck.

Call other cleaning services about the possibility of doing contract work for them. Sometimes these companies can not keep enough quality employees to accomplish the work that they have.

Get an appointment book and a cell phone that is strickly for your business.

Give free and fair estimates.Think about how much you would be making if you were working for someone else, don't give estimates that are very much higher than that.

Be on time

Be reliable

Be honest

Be discreet

Get out there and hustle

Do an excellent job

These are the thing that I did when I started my service business and within 6 months, I was working every day. Cleaning for some really big names in the Country Music Industry. I would tell you who but it has been a few years and I don't have their permission to drop their names here...and besides that wouldn't be very discreet now would it?

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