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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Do Not Piss Off The Princess

I had to run out to the store last night to pick up a few things that I had neglected to get while I was out earlier in the day. I didn't really want to go out because I had a long day, what with going to the doctor, tripping over the mountainous pile of laundry that Kait had left in the hallway, doing research for this blog, trying to keep up with personal messages from friends on Facebook, check my e-mail, and making dinner. As my family arrived home from school and work, I must usually feign interest in their day. That's right...I said that! It's okay, I am a terrible actress and this is not going to come as a surprise to them :) By the end of the day my thoughts are random and scattered. Sometimes it is all that I can do finish my own sentences. It's not that I am not interested in whatever is being said, it is just that at some point, things just simply stop making sense to me.

As I come back from my late evening trip to the store. I hear Kait and her boyfriend in livingroom, fussing while playing the wii. This has become a nightly ritual with them and they can get very boisterous.... to put it mildly. Kait being her usual dramatic self says to me "MOMMA, MAKE CHRISTIAN LEAVE ME ALONE!". Of course, I failed to realize that this was all part of the ritual and asked her sincerely, what the problem was? She just kinda giggled and said he's annoying me! It took me a few seconds sit my stuff down but then I walked in the livingroom put my hands on my hips, and give Christian the look, yeah you know what I am talking about...that look, and then proceeded to give my standard line that I give to everyone that annoys Kait, and trust me there are many that do.."Please do not piss off the princess". Some may think that it because she is a tad bit spoiled, and while this may be true, the main reason that I prefer people to not ruffle her feathers, is because if she isn't happy, my world can become a living nightmare! In the evening, having the attention span of a two year old can become a huge obstacle, combine that with the codeine cough medicine the doctor prescribed for me and ya may as well stick a fork in me because I am done :)

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