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Friday, September 30, 2011

Falling Off My Soap Box

How many times will I make improvements in my life, only to get discouraged and revert back to my old ways.? Gain weight, lose weight, give up smoking and drinking. Vow to eat healthy and clean.

It's never an easy adjustment to make better choices, but it seems so easy to falter. Within a few months, I usually end up in the gutter surrounded by the things that I gave up at an early date. Cigarette butts, empty beer cans, diet soda bottle, candy wrappers, and artifical sweetener packets.

When I was younger, I bounced back sooner, the weight just melted off, the beer belly gone with a week of sit-ups, if I didn't smoke for a week I could run a marathon. Aches and pain disappeared within days of ditching the diet sodas, artifical sweeteners, and processed foods. These days...not so much :(

Yet I sit here thinking...that's it, the end of the pity party. As soon as I get back from the beach next week I'm going to give all those things up again. I will not be frustrated when things don't change at the pace that I think that they should.

I am debating whether to take it one step, one bad habit at a time...or just jump in with both feet? Start with the worst and gradually working my way to better health.

First thing first, I am gonna dust off that gym membership, dig out my tennis shoes, polish up my resolution, sweat pants are gonna be just for that....not a sad excuse for my fat pants. Then I am gonna climb back up on that soap box and start preaching the evil of bad habits, the recipes that I post will be healthy...I know you guys can't wait, lol!

As for today...It's Friday and I'm going to the store for my drink and my smokes :)

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