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Friday, September 23, 2011

Free Of Charge

Shortly after turning seventeen, I learned that I was pregnant. I still look back and wonder how that happened. It was one time and I had watched my mother's failed attempts at conceiving. I was painfully shy, and anytime the subject of "the birds and bees" came up with my mother, I would turn a shade of red that rivaled the shiniest new traffic light. I would agree to anytime that she said, just so she would think that she got her point across. I thought I knew everything, just a most teenagers. Boy was I wrong!

Justin was born shortly before I turned eighteen. Because we did not have insurance, I would go to the clinic for my prenatal visits, my appointment being at eight am, and I would be there the entire day, hundreds of women with the same exact appointment. I labored in a room that could accommodate around twelve women, gave birth in an creepy, old hospital. No epidural, they were teaching birth control the hard way! The worst thing however, was the fact that my mother was not allowed to be present. As they were preparing us for labor, they taught us the standard natural childbirth techniques, how to breathe, how. to count, how to time the contractions. They told us to bring an object that we could use as a focal point . Everything was going to be fine. By the time my son was born, I had cursed out everyone that looked like they might be in the medical field, insisted that my husband stand in the hallway, drag anyone wearing white into the room, demanding that they give me something for pain. I had broken one side of the stir-ups that they had strapped me to, and was trying to kick the doctor with it. I had even dismembered the poor stuffed animal that was being used as my focal point. It is a wonder that they didn't put me in a padded cell on a forty-eight hour hold!

I passed the birth-control class with flying colors, I didn't have another child for six years. My mother tried to teach me the things that I needed to know in order to make my life easier. She loved me and wanted the best for me. She offered me her love and knowledge free of charge. Of course I refused to accept her words of wisdom, and have continually done things the hard way through out my life. Funny, I still wonder where my children get this ridiculous desire to screw up things!

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