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Friday, September 23, 2011

I Never Promised You A Rose Garden

Sitting at dinner tonight, a guy came by carrying a bunch of flowers. I know...silly me, for a second I actually thought...nevermind, that is too embarrassing to even put in print. We were sitting in a nice resturant and the guy breezed right past our table to the very next one. I am talking a lot of flowers, double armful He walked to the table and asked for Jenny. He handed her the whole bunch. As they were spilling out of her arms and onto the floor, I actually entertained the tought of snatching the ones off the floor! Surely, I was not the only disappointed lady in the bunch.

Sensing my disappointment, my husband told me that he had planted all of my flowers in the yard, in the spring I have lillies and peoines, the summer roses, and in the fall I have mums. I smiled that smile, the one that only I know the meaning behind. Keep in mind he can read my blogs, although I doubt he will.

Redeeming himself and saving the evening, he asked me if I had seen a package that he was expecting. I told him I hadn't and asked him what he had ordered. He told me it was a surprise and that he couldn't tell me. WELL NOW, surprise? Really?

Stay tuned to find out what my surprise is!!! He told me it should arrive Monday. I'm taking bets...leave a comment and tell me what you think... will it be sometime luxurious that I will really love, or will it be sometime practical that I really need?


  1. I love this. Wonder what it is... oh and always remember to share with your friends... Lol.

  2. It's probably something really exciting, like my own screwdriver or a new towelbar....oh or possibly chlorine for the pool! Either way...I can't wait!


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