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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A Look Inside My Busy Life

These days, you can usually find me busy doing not much of anything. I can't get anything done because it seems to interfere with my not doing a damn thing.

It's actually really overwhelming and way harder than you might think. I start a lot of stuff and finish little. In my house you will quite a few things that are in progress. The kitchen table is littered with assorted things that are screaming to be finished...or even just abandoned and trashed, but I am not a quitter!

I find it slightly amusing that since quitting my paying job last year...(I know, I said I wasn't a quitter...I lied!) there are the calls texts from my busy family/friends (you know the ones that are actually productive members of society.) Could you please meet someone here or there. Go do this for me, and would you mind? My mouth is saying sure, no problem... but my mind is screaming...leave me alone! How can I get my nothing done if I have to do that?

It's never anything big and the normal person wouldn't give it a second thought... I, however, am far from normal. I hate talking on the phone, I hate scheduling appointments. I don't wanna go to the electric company or to take cars through emission control. I don't wanna meet the cable guy, the contractor or the exterminator... I won't even answer the doorbell at my house.

I haven't always been this way. It's been a gradual process. The culmination of events having occurred while I was working, raising my children, and yes, even socializing with actual human beings.

I am sure that there is some type of diagnois for this evident and obvious personality disorder. I am even pretty sure that this may be a treatable condition. But that would require using the phone to call and schedule a doctor appointment, actually keeping the appointment, talking to the receptionist, the nurse, the doctor, explaining in detail the problem, going to a pharmacy for what I know would be some type of medication...and worst of all...following through and following up.

The fact still remains that I am way to busy doing nothing to do what needs to be done. Speaking of doing nothing...there is still so much to be done!

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