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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

May I Have Your Attention Please!

I was up early this morning, not really unusual. I generally just stay in my room until the house is clear. I can't follow the conversations that tend to take place before my fifth cup of coffee, and prefer my people to leave me notes. This morning however, I was sitting here with my laptop. Kait comes in and this is how the conversation goes...

Kait: "good morning momma"

Me: "morning Pumpkin" (in my mind...hmmm, where did I see that coupon for Fiber One bars?)

Kait: is it cold outside?

Me: I think so (yeah, I'm sure it was on the coupon clippers facebook site)

Kait: "do I need a jacket?"

Me: "huh? no, that's not it!" (where was that damn coupon?)

Kait: "a jacket mom...is it cold enough for a jacket?"

Me: "oh...I don't know" (shit...I just saw it a few minutes ago!)

Kait: "can I wear your Alabama hoodie?"

Me: "ummm hmmm" (coupon, coupon, coupon)

Kait: "where is it?"

Me:  "where's what?...have you seen my coffee?"

Kait: "your coffee is right there....MOTHER focus...where is your sweatshirt?"

Me: "do not yell at me young lady, I can not find this coupon."

Kait: "what coupon? what are you talking about?"

Me: " crap! I don't remember." (maybe I can check my history to see what I was looking for)

Kait: "wow! mom really?...can you tell me where I should look for the hoodie?"

ME: "what hoodie?"

Kait "never mind...can I get some money out of your wallet? I wanna go to the mall with some friends after school."

Me: "yeah" (getting up to check my coupon envelope)

Kait: "there's no money in here"

Me: "no there isn't...what do you need money for?" (money? wait, what?)

Kait: "I told you I was going to the mall after school"

Me: "no you didn't and I don't have any cash" (yogart, cereal, frozen veggies)

Kait: "ugh, yes I did! I'm going to school!"

Me: "there it is!" (yes!!! Fiber One brownies!)

Kait: "what is? your jacket was hanging by the door"

Me: "my coupon...the coupon I was looking for"(do we need cereal?)

Kait: "oh okay"

Me: "wait...why are you wearing my jacket?"

Kait: "I'm not talking to you anymore...you're impossible"

Link to the kellogg's website.  $1.00 manufacturer coupon on Fiber Plus Cereal http://www2.kelloggs.com/


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