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Thursday, September 22, 2011

You Want My What?

I am the world worst procrastinator. It's a fact. I will sit here with my laptop until about an hour before my husband comes home from work. Sure I might throw in a load of laundry, load the dishwasher, but generally I browse the net. I love to read. It's what I do. But an hour before the hubby gets here...It's full-steam ahead!

Last year I asked for a Nook for my birthday and I was so excited to get it. I absolutely love it, There are all kinds of free ebooks and for the first 6 months, I seriously did not put it down. Well, I have been a little busy these day. Swimming, hanging out with my family and friends. So I haven't really touched it much since July. I must admit that I am not that great with technology, but it is fairly easy to use. I've been thinking about dusting it off lately and possibly downloading a few free true life mystery books. That's where the procrastinating comes in. The days just somehow seem to get away from me and I don't know where they went.

Yesterday, Kait comes in and asks me where my Nook is! I started to protest, but she was right in the fact that I haven't used it much lately. Yes, I purposely hide my most valued possessions. You know things like, my favorite tweezers, my mascara, my small pearl earrings... oh...and my heating pad. Otherwise, they vanish...never to be seen again. And no one has a clue where they ran off to. Nobody messes with the dishes, or the vacuum, not even the duster. But you leave a ionic straightner layning around and "poof" it's good and gone! So anyway, Kait wants to borrow my Nook. She can download a book that she needs for school and it will cost so much less....I mean some people may fall for that, but I happen to know that this child has no clue as to the value of a dollar. She just wants my Nook :( I don't blame her!


  1. Funny how what's ours is theirs. :) My laptop keeps disappearing while we're waiting for my son's computer to be repaired... well actually that one's mine too, but he calls it "his." But at least I don't have to worry about my hair products and makeup. :)

  2. I am gonna start going upstairs and wetting her toothbrush, hiding her ipod, and phone charger, ya know just subtle things. Maybe take 3 or 4 pair of my shoes upstairs and randomly place them around the room. As a matter of fact, I think the charm braclet that her boyfriend gave her for birthday this year is gonna look super cute with my outfit today!


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