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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Crazy Woman Rants

I know that I promised that once we returned from our "spontaneous" vacation, that I would put an end to my very own pity party...I seriously meant well.

I started the day off right...omelets made with lots of veggies and 2% cheese for breakfast. Followed by turkey sandwiches, side salads, and Greek yogurt for lunch.

It was somewhere after that I failed miserably. It could have been the fact that on my way to the gym, I suddenly felt the need to make a stop at the conveinence store. I couldn't resist the strong pull from within. I ended up with tea....and then the pity party commenced.

It's not that I like feeling lonely, neglected, unappreciated, and mistreated. I try so hard to avoid those "blue" feelings.

It's not that my husband doesn't offer assistance while I am trying to do laundry, unpacking, sweeping the billowing cat hair, and battling the ants that have invaded my kitchen while I was  away.

It's not the fact that I owe Verizon $1800.00 and I have no job. Of course I am the one left holding the bag and the bill. The only one that doesn't have a phone (or a job)...but that's not what bothers me.

It's not the fact that I clean the house, do all the laundry, cook all the meals. I don't really mind that.

It's not the fact that I have worked since I was 14 years old, and whenever anyone needed me, I did what I could to help.

It's not the fact that I recieve a message from my daughter's, boyfriend's, mother  reprimanding me for my latest rant on Facebook. I mean really, she must think I care that it made her uncomfortable for her nearly 18 year old son to see the word penis...funny, I assumed penis was more appropriate for Facebook that ASSHOLE....my bad.

It's not the fact that I spend weeks upon weeks and no one asks me how I am.  It's apparently assumed that since I have no job, I have no reason to be upset, nor should I have any reason to bitch.

Heaven forbid I say that I am tired. The people that actually have jobs,  always have a better excuse for being tired than I. However, should they ask....I have got to remember, it's like when you meet an aquaintance and they ask you how you are doing....they just want you to say that you are fine and that everything is peachy! They really do not wanna hear your troubles.

As I write this, I know that there is going to be consequences to pay. I know that the people that that have jobs and go to school (read between the lines) will read this and once again, I'll be the bad person, the crazy woman that bitches for no reason.

Really though, It's just a combination of all of the above that bother me, or could it be... because I'm out of money, cigarettes, and tea (all the makings for a proper pity party) and I won't get my allowance until tomorrow.

Thank goodness that I am a procrastinator and quite accustom to putting the end of my pity party (or anything else) off for another day! Ahhh tomorrow!

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