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Friday, October 7, 2011

Florida Mini Vacation

Okay, I've finally finished all the unpacking, laundry, sweeping and vacuuming. I'm also quite certain that I have slayed the last ant. The grandkids have been retrieved by their parents. This trip was an adventure to say the least!

In the initial plan....my husband, my daughter, and I were going to take 3/4 days to go visit my step-son in Florida. Hang out at the beach, visit with him and his wife as his time allowed. I didn't have very long to plan or think about it...so how could things change so drastically in that amount of time?

It all began with Doug suggesting that we bring Case along. I mentioned it to my daughter-in-law, I explained that taking Case was Doug's idea and that personally...I just needed some time on the beach and didn't feel like chasing the other 2 kids around, she agreed and I thought that was the end of it.

The day that we were checking our list, packing up, trying to coordinate getting Case, ect. I get a text from my DIL, she wants to know if I can please take Caylea. She says that she is going to be so jealous that she can't go and would I please, please take her.

My first answer to that question was....oh hell NO! Then I started feeling bad. All I had to do was make it through twelve more hours with my conscience knawing away at me and I would be home free....yep, that didn't happen.

On the way to pick up Case, I was smacked with a terrible attack of guilty conscience. I tried to ignore it, occupy my mind with the fact that we had so much to do. We stopped at Wal-Mart to pick up a few last minute things that we would need for the trip. It was somewhere between the car-door closing and the automatic doors of the store opening that I asked the question....how opposed were they to Caylea going with us?

I called Shandi to tell her the news...she didn't answer, so I called Justin, he answered but wasn't at home. On the way to get the two of them, Shandi called back and I explained to her that I would take Caylea but there were some things that she..actually they needed to know. We were gonna be eight hours from home, that meant she couldn't change her mind and wanna come back home at bedtime. The car would be crowded. She and Case could not fight, she could not talk non-stop, they would both had to behave or I would use the pinchers (ask my kids about the pinchers).

When we arrived to pick them up, their parents had given them the proper lecture. Told them that should they misbehave, they would be grounded for the whole next weekend.... Justin threw in the fact that this was in addition to what Gammy would do! He remembered the traveling pinchers!!!

They were awesome little travelers, much better than I was. I was the one asking for a drink, having to go pee. I needed to stop for this or for that. I was worried for a little while that they would get their pinchers after me.

The room/condo was too small. It was basically a glorified hotel room. You walked in a there was a bathroom, then a bedroom that had only half of it walled, part of that wall had an open window with plantation shutters, then there was the sitting/living/kitchen area. It had one sleeper sofa and two barstools.

The trip went well other than a few emotional meltdowns...mostly between Kait and myself. The kids were amazing and I didn't have to use my pinchers at all.

It was well worth the cramped traveling quarters to watch them play in the surf.

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