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Friday, October 7, 2011

How In The Hell Did You Get So Cool?

Once again I am left to ponder the question of why I embarrass my children. It has to be something simple. It's just that I have yet to discover the hidden truth.

Sure... while I was growing up I was slightly awkward. As a young adult though, I thought I was pretty cool, In an unusual, interesting sort of way.

You see I have always colored outside the lines. Some people find this eccentric personality trait to be endearing. Others find it to be an annoying defect.

I've noticed in the past few years that my children (especially my daughter) just want me to sit down and be silent. Not that I blame them....there aren't many mothers like me.

This may come as a surprise to some (NOT) but I am not your typical, do it this way or you're going to hell kinda mom. I am not without morals, however, I do believe in living in the moment. I never ask permission and find myself asking forgiveness more than should.

My children are a lot like me. So...this brings me back to the question....How in the hell did you get so cool?

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