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Sunday, October 9, 2011

It Is A Sad Damn World

As an avid follower of several missing person cases, sometimes the sadness of the situations overwhelm me. I will never understand how people can just disappear.

I have not mentioned my interest in these cases because I don't want to use their tragedies to get hits on my blog. I have thought about the ways that I can express my concern without seemingly using their names for any personal gain. I have decided that I will write about them from time to time however, I will not tag them.

I remember being interested in the Janet March case in August of 1996. Her husband, Perry March ,was subsequently convicted of her murder... 10 years later.

Perry's father, Arthur March, passed away in a Texas prison while serving time after he admitted his involvement in a failed plot to murder his son's estranged in-laws. Janet's body has never been recovered although,  at one point, Arthur tried to lead LE to where he had supposedly dumped her remains.

There are so many missing in the state of Tennessee alone, trying to find a number in one location is impossible.

There are a few that stand out in my mind and these case do not even scratch the surface. 

Tabitha Tuders, missing since 2003.

Bobby Smelcer, missing since November 21, 2010

Shelley Mook, missing since February 28, 2011

Zaylee Grace Fryer, missing since May 1, 2011(her mothers body was recovered from the Cumberland River in May)

Paul Massicotte, missing since July, 2011

Holly Bobo, missing since April 13, 2011

Holly's case in very close to my heart and I have put a lot of time into this case. I'm not sure why, of all the missing people in this state, this one has left such a mark on my heart. Possibly the fact that I have a daughter and two step daughters. It could be the location. It's probably the fact that it was reported shortly after she was abducted and everyone's hopes were really high that she would be found quickly. That was nearly 6 months ago. Either way, it's a very sad situation. Her brother saw her walking into a wooded area near her house with who he had thought was her boyfriend. She has not been seen or heard from since. Several of her personal items have been located and they seem to have been placed by the perpetrator in an effort to taunt and somehow mislead investigators.

There have been many theories bounced around. Some accusing the brother, the parents, the boyfriend, the neighbors. I have very stong feeling about what has happened to Holly, however, I will not share my suspisions here, because they are simply my opinions and not backed by anything other than hearsay. One thing remains clear...after all the searching, analyzing and armchair investigating, Holly is still missing.

Local LE nor the TBI have been able to recover her. Some people think that the local law enforcement seriously screwed up this investigation from the very beginning, I tend to agree.

This case seems to attract a lot of crazy people. There is actually a man that claims to have a SAR (search and rescue) team that was formed just after she was abducted. I won't mention his name because honestly, I have been several rounds with this idiot and do not have the energy to battle him any longer.

Several facebook pages have been made to raise awareness of the Holly Bobo case. While most are monitered and have done an awesome job keeping people who are interested informed, really there isn't much to share but it is comforting to know that should the case break, there will be a place to get the information. Then there are those that have been basically left for the trolls to take over and post nasty allegations, horrible pictures, and false information. I had never heard of trolls prior to this case...and I was disgusted by the things that I have since learned.

I still have a pink ribbon hanging around my tree. It is faded and sad looking now...but it will stay there until this case is solved and Holly returned to her parents. Hopefully but doubtfully alive.

I still cannot understand how people just vanish. Unfortunately it happens a lot.

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