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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Job Search

Looking for a job is not fun. I believe that most of you understand this. When I go to talk to someone about a job and possibly an interview, I feel like I have 3 heads. Is my breath terrible, do I have a bat in the cave? Then the sweaty palm thing...icky!

However, after a mild panic attack yesterday, I put on my big girl panties, (not really....but shhh....don't tell momma) and went and physically looked for a job. I walked right into those places, back straight, head held high and asked to speak to the manager.
Little did I know....I needn't worry too much about that, I just shoulda took some germ-x and some clorox wipes for the keyboards :\
While I did actually talk to a few managers...mostly the employees just pointed me to kiosk. Lonely little desk, cubicle like things. Really? How are they gonna see my perfect posture and my practiced smile? Wow....things sure have changed!
Now a lot of you know that I can be a half empty person....but on the other hand....I can be half full. I tried not to sulk on my way to the computer to put in my application....knowing good and well that one of the questions would be the my ending salary at my last job....sigh....and that my friends would be the end of that.

Fortunately, my persistence paid off and I did talk to a few of the managers.  I have an interview Friday at 12:30...which means more practicing and another panic attack.

Maybe I should just stay home?

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