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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Lesson For The FreeCreditReport Guy

Now... I know my children are far from perfect. I understand that my boys are grown....and they know that too. I try to respect that and let them handle their own business, BUT in my eyes, they will always be my babies and I will always stick up for them!

Need help??? Call me or email me...615-767-7831 or rhondashepperd@gmail.com ... I can be your mother too for the low, low price of $20 for the first hour, $10 per hour after that!

Yesterday was a great day at Justin's. We had some chicken, some quesadillas, and some potato skins...and watched Bama spank Ole Miss :)

Before the game, Justin and I sat outside on the deck and tried to cut some of the fat out of his budget. Forty-five dollar gym membership that he hasn't used since June...."Siri (talking to my way cool iPhone), I need the phone number to Anytime Fitness Center in Smyrna"...done...called them, easy as pie...cancelled...excellent! "Siri, How do I cancel that damn free credit report that cost fifteen dollars a month and is never used?" Got the number...Justin called...oh wow! 

Ten minutes into the conversation, I hear him getting annoyed. The guy was giving him all the reasons that he didn't need to cancel. Then he started into this long explanation... Justin still had eight days and he should wait because if he cancelled today, he wouldn't be able to use his remaining eight days. Justin agreed that he understood that, however he would still like to cancel. Next,  he asked Justin how old he was. By this time, Justin's ears are glowing, and he is no longer being pleasant with this man, he is so pissed! He puts the man on speaker phone and in his heavily accented voice was lecturing Justin on the importance of keeping up with his credit score. It was at this point, I felt the need to intervene. I screamed at this man, It went like this....


freecreditreport guy (never missing a beat)..."blah blah blah" (that's all I heard anyway)


freecreditreport guy..."blah blah blah, and Justin blah blah blah"


freecreditreport guy..."blah blah and Jus" (stopping mid-sentence) "yes ma'am"


freecreditreport guy..."yes ma'am"

At this point Justin takes freecreditreport guy off of speaker phone.

pause while he listens to the man who no longer had much to say...ten seconds later

Justin...."Yes, that was my mother"

pause while listening

Justin..."Thank you"

I raised my children to be respectful...but come on. How dare someone just refuse to listen. I had to give the freecreditreport guy a crash course in bitchology... sometime it is the only thing some people understand.

FreeCreditReport may be free for a specific trial period, that is in part due to the fact that it is so hard to cancel it. They are hoping that it is too much of an inconvenience and people simply will not cancel it. Justin had tried to sign in to his account online months ago to cancel, but it had been long enough that he had forgotten his password and user name.

All in all, it was a great day and we cut sixty dollars off of my son's monthly expenses...and Justin was reminded that his Momma is CRAZY, but she knows how to get things done!

So again I will tell you, if you need help, I can be your mother too for the low, low price of $20 for the first hour, $10 per hour after that!

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