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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Mom Of The Year

I have spent the better part of today cleaning, doing laundry, everything from sheets to rugs. I even mopped all the floors, cleaned out the refrigerator, and vacuumed under the couch cushions.

I sat down looked at the clock and it was already 5 o'clock and I haven't even began to plan dinner. Actually, I was really too damn tired to care.

I started looking for quick, healthy (or semi-healthy) recipes....nothing! I didn't have the ingredients available to complete one recipe. Ugh...I got this...surely I can come up with something.

Being the trooper that I try to be, I got my tired butt up and went into the kitchen....chicken...again! I put it in a bag and poured Catalina dressing and let it sit on the counter while I started a salad and tore the cabinet apart for something to go with it. I made a batch of instant brown rice, opened a can of organic red beans, organic tomato sauce, some chopped jalapenos and onions, a little paprika, some salt and pepper..done! Finished the salad and lit the grill.

Surprisingly, it turned out quite tasty! It took me all of about 45 minutes...start to finish!

Sure it was an unusual combination...but I pulled it off!

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